Life Update: February 2018

It’s the first day of March and l am finally sitting down to write a blog post.

[ Sidenote ]

I hope l never lose the contentment l feel when l open WordPress and rattle away at my keyboard. It makes me happy. I can compare it to being bundled in bed with series and snacks, or dressing up in your favourite wears for breakfast at a well loved café. Bliss. It’s comfort food, and since l’m watching why l eat, l will revel in this non-edible treat. Do you enjoy writing? I would love to hear from you!

February 2018

February will go down in my story as one of my favourite months of the year 2018. Not because l accomplished all that l set out to do or accumulated all that l wanted, but because l stepped out of the little time warp my family and l have been entrenched in since my maternal granny’s cancer diagnosis a couple of months ago. She passed away two days after l shared snaps from our civil ceremony, and l am so glad for our last moments with her, and her eternal freedom from all pain and sorrow.



These days l find myself remembering her at random. I experienced something similar when my father died. Though there is awareness of her transition, in these tiny, random moments, her death is new and almost surprising. I’ll be going about my day, see her house, and remember that she is not in it and never will be. I see her dog, and tell myself that she will never taste the porridge my gran made for her again. I put on her clothes, and realise that she now lives through me. And all of us.


Toward the end of the month l embarked on my first travel opportunity of 2018. It was an unplanned trip that made my heart smile. I’ve been itching to take flight again, and receiving the invitation was a truly special gift to me because l’ve desired it so much! For some reason, my travels are always brief. I like to believe that it’s God’s reminder to me that these trips will happen again and often. I don’t have to explore, see, or do everything in one visit. So even though l was in and out of Durban without sniffing all the coffee at all the places (to be honest, all l wanted was a Starbucks run, but next time!), l was able to connect with work friends and take a short break from everyday life.

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Starting Over

February also reminded me that starting over isn’t to be feared. It is possible to do and it is to my benefit (and yours) not to get in the way of the process.

To hold too tightly to happy endings, is to refute new beginnings.

In our household, we’ve made some decisions which mean goodbye to some, and hello to others. Its uncomfortable, and in some ways unfortunate, but l can look back and say, that after what seems like a lifetime running from change, l am now embracing it as my only constant.

As the month drew to a close, l found myself asking questions of how long and when.

“How long until l regulate my income?”

“When will we break even and achieve x and y?”

Instead of adopting this as my mindset, l’ve acknowledged the questions as temporary emotions as result of being a little overwhelmed by my to-do list. Bad day, not a bad life, vibes!

Now l am at the beginning of March, happy that l am enough and have enough to be thankful for.

I also cannot end this post without extending a belated birthday wish to a dear friend! Loren, the world is your oyster. xo

I really enjoy reading life updates, and so it’s something l plan on including on this blog on a regular basis. I let this one flow, but if you know of any fun and interesting life update prompts, please send them my way!

And if there’s anything you would like to hear about, please feel free to comment below so that l know what interests you. 😉



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