Hello, I’m Ashleigh.

I have a knack for spinning words and giving life to simple sentences! Though I always knew that I was destined to write, I find myself apologising for my story more often than I realise. I’m working on breaking that habit and I want to invite you along for the ride.

The Blog

Blogging is cheaper than publishing a book, and who doesn’t love to save some time and money? This is my little hub on the internet and I’ll be updating it regularly with treasures for you to find in your spare time. I imagine enough content for you to choose your own adventure but you can look forward to following my newlywed life in an entrepreneurial household – yup, I’m that crazy gal who married a drummer!

My Work

I’m in the process of closing my first business (happy tears). I’m so excited for the next chapter in my career, and because a lot of the work I do is conducted virtually, I’ve added a nifty services tab to the blog for those who find me online!

A Message for You

It is never too late to reinvent yourself. In the midst of a season that I can only call transformational, I’ve felt so much guilt and shame for trying, for changing, for learning, for making mistakes…But I am so much better for it! And you will be too.

Contact Me

Are you going through changes? Feel free to pop me a message on my social channels if you’d like to talk! You can also email me at hello@ashleigheasthorpe.co.za.