Putting your story online, for people to read and pick apart, is hard. Most forms of writing require vulnerability, and I really feel for anyone who regularly gives of themselves with every word.

Deciding that I would return to blogging to tell my story, I will admit that I am afraid. Afraid of openly admitting my hardships, my questions and my perspective on life. Trolls came to exist long before the internet, and I don’t have to remind you that people are mean.

For me, transparency represents trust. It allows me to really understand a person and why they believe or do as they do. I don’t know if I could write without it. I certainly can’t read where it is not present. And so by blogging again, I am committing to a level of transparency which is uncomfortable for most people. But even though you have my honesty when you visit this space, there are some things which I prefer to say in private, surrounded by people who genuinely want to listen and share too.

I know that by creating this space, I will make friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. I know that some of these friends will be writers and readers, like me. And I think that we can help each other out.

There will be days when I’m not ready to share something I write with the world, on this blog. There will be days when you’re unsure of your work. Perhaps you’re just really keen on literature and happy to hear from those who write? Why don’t we huddle in a corner somewhere and talk?

I imagine meet up for coffee or talking over Skype – someday.

For now, I’m thinking of sending you writing that won’t be published on this blog until I know where it fits, and if it fits. And in exchange, I want to read your stories – the ones you’re too shy to share, or show anyone.

I want you to read with me. Think of it as a virtual book club, a reading circle where the stories we come to know and love, are our own.

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of this page and leave me your name and e-mail address.